Superior Court of California, County of El Dorado

Our Mission

To preserve and enhance the rule of law in El Dorado County by providing all persons a fair, efficient, and accessible forum for resolving disputes, protecting public safety, and righting wrongs.

Salary Schedule & Job Descriptions

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Salary Schedules & Job Descriptions

Position TitleMinimum Monthly SalaryMaximum Monthly Salary
PDFDocument TypeAccountant$4,243$5,158
PDFDocument TypeAdministrative Analyst$4,118$5,008
PDFDocument TypeAssistant Court Executive Officer$8,533$10,371
PDFDocument TypeChild Custody Recommending Counselor$5,770$7,015
PDFDocument TypeCourt Clerk 1$2,470$3,004
PDFDocument TypeCourt Clerk 2$2,721$3,309
PDFDocument TypeCourt Clerk 3$2,987$3,630
PDFDocument TypeCourt Clerk 4$3,286$3,997
PDFDocument TypeCourt Clerk 5$3,780$4,595
PDFDocument TypeCourt Commissioner$13,390$13,390
PDFDocument TypeCourt Fiscal Technician - Confidential$3,767$4,579
PDFDocument TypeCourt Human Resources Analyst$4,406$5,354
PDFDocument TypeCourt Interpreter - Full Time$33.13 an hour$35.15 an hour
PDFDocument TypeCourt Interpreter - Part Time$36.75 an hour$38.99 an hour
PDFDocument TypeCourt Operations Manager$5,442$6,616
PDFDocument TypeCourt Reporter$5,311$6,455
PDFDocument TypeCourt Services Supervisor$4,662$5,668
PDFDocument TypeFacilitator-Self Help Attorney$6,824$8,296
PDFDocument TypeFiscal Services Supervisor$4,893$5,947
PDFDocument TypeInformation Services Manager$6,559$7,973
PDFDocument TypeInformation Services Systems Analyst$5,431$6,602
PDFDocument TypeInformation System Specialist$5,652$6,871
PDFDocument TypeJudicial Staff Attorney$6,824$8,296
PDFDocument TypeSenior Child Custody Recommending Counselor$6,351$7,719
PDFDocument TypeSr. Judicial Staff Attorney$7,505$9,124
PDFDocument TypeSupervising Human Resources Analyst$4,893$5,947

Human Resources Department

Superior Court of California
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Human Resources Department
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