Superior Court of California, County of El Dorado

Our Mission

To preserve and enhance the rule of law in El Dorado County by providing all persons a fair, efficient, and accessible forum for resolving disputes, protecting public safety, and righting wrongs.

Temporary Judge Rules

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Division 6. Appointments by the Court or Agreement of the Parties

Chapter 1. Court-Appointed Temporary Judges
Chapter 2. Temporary Judges Requested by the Parties
  • Rule 2.830. Temporary judges requested by the parties
  • Rule 2.831. Temporary judge - stipulation, order, oath, assignment, disclosure, and disqualification
  • Rule 2.832. Compensation
  • Rule 2.833. Notices, use of court facilities, and order for hearing site
  • Rule 2.834. Motions or applications to be heard by the court

Court Administration

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