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To preserve and enhance the rule of law in El Dorado County by providing all persons a fair, efficient, and accessible forum for resolving disputes, protecting public safety, and righting wrongs.

Traffic Online Services - General Information and Usage


Effective October 13th, 2014 the Traffic Department of the El Dorado County Superior Court will be moving to Department 7 located at 2850 Fairlane Court, Placerville, California 95667; telephone (530) 621-7470.

Please note that all future filings and appearances on or after October 13, 2014 will be in Department 7. Traffic Arraignments will be scheduled for Monday @ 1:00 p.m. in Department 7. Court trials will be scheduled at 8:15 a.m. between Departments 1, 2 and 7.

If you currently have matters set on calendar after October 13, 2014 you will be able to go to our website to see your new hearing date and time.

Information regarding courtesy notices

As of May 1, 2013, the court is no longer mailing courtesy notices.

Traffic citations must first be received from the issuing law enforcement agency and entered into the Traffic system before you can view / pay your citation online. Most citations are not received by the Court from the issuing law enforcement agency for up to 30 days from the date of the ticket (violation date). Please allow a minimum of 30 days from the date your ticket was issued for processing.

You can review the court index to find your case information, bail (fine) or appearance information. To search for your case on the court index, in the "Find" field of your internet browser type in your name, case number or citation number. You may need to hit "Control F" to bring up find box. To search by Name enter last name, first name; by Case number enter the case number provided by the Court; by Citation Number enter the citation number on the citation you received.

You may pay your traffic citation, request a one-time extension and/or sign up for traffic school, if eligible, selecting the corresponding link below:

Online Traffic Citation Index (Find your ticket information here)
ePay-IT Service (Pay fine by credit card, request an extension or request traffic school here)
Electronic Funds Transfer (Pay fine by direct transfer of funds from checking or savings account)
Proof Of Corrections (Proof of correction information and certification form)
Further Information (Information on requesting traffic school, contesting the citation, requesting a continuance, requesting payment arrangements, etc)

If your citation was issued within the last 45 days, and you do not find it on this system, you are still responsible for appearing at the court on or before the date listed at the bottom of your citation. Failure to do so can result in additional penalties and suspension of your driving privilege.

Information Disclaimer

The information provided on and obtained from this site does not constitute the official record of the El Dorado County Superior Court. This information is provided as a service to the general public. Any user of this information is hereby advised that it is being provided "as is". The information provided may be subject to errors or omissions. Visitors to this site agree that the Court is not liable for errors or omissions or any of the information provided. Visitors further consent to access the record only as instructed by the Court and consent to the Court's monitoring of access to the records. Copyright and other proprietary rights may apply to information in a case file absent an express grant of additional rights by the holder of the copyright or other proprietary right. Use of such information is permissible only to the extent permitted by law or court order, and any use inconsistent with proprietary rights is prohibited. The Court may deny access to a member of the public for failure to comply with any of these conditions of use. Any person who willfully destroys or alters any court record maintained in electronic form is subject to the penalties imposed by Government Code section 6201.

Placerville Main Street Branch

  • 495 Main Street
    Placerville, CA 95667
  • Main Line: (530) 621-6426
  • Family Law: (530) 621-6726

Placerville Building C Branch

  • 2850 Fairlane Court, Suite 120
    Placerville, CA 95667
  • Criminal: (530) 621-7464
  • Traffic: (530) 621-7470

Placerville Fair Lane Branch

  • 295 Fair Lane
    Placerville, CA 95667
  • Juvenile: (530) 621-7470

Cameron Park Branch

  • 3321 Cameron Park Drive
    Cameron Park, CA 95682
  • Civil / Civil Harassment / Probate / Guardianships
    (530) 621-5867

South Lake Tahoe Branch

  • 1354 Johnson Blvd.
    South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
  • Civil / Juvenile / Family Law / Probate
    (530) 573-3075
  • Traffic / Small Claims / Criminal
    (530) 573-3044

Placerville Building C Courthouse